Pastura dal 1980
Prodotti Ticipi Siciliani d'Eccellenza
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Pastura since 1980

our bigget pleasure is to let people enjoy
the natural flavours of the Sicilian delights!

G.L.S. Pastura S.r.l.

G.S. L.Pastura S.R.L. Is a family owned company based in Misterbianco founded by three brothers Gaetano, Luigi, and Santo Pastura. They started in 1980, when going against the family' s traditional occupation sprung the idea of opening a small grocery store selling national quality goods and prestigious national wines with particular concentration on Sicilian products. During the first Christmas in 1980, the three brothers composed baskets and company gifts using rigorously products "Made in Sicily". Besides offering quality goods, the company distinguished itself for the creativity of its compositions. Through the years, cultivating the passion, they selected as many delicatessens as they could cautiously choosing family owned businesses that harvested seasonal produces and that followed the crops from cultivation to the finished product according to Sicilian traditions. The company managed to commercialize gourmet food produced and packed from third party companies branding it with the Pastura's label. Today G. S. L. Pastura S. R. L. is proud of choosing, nurturing, and perfecting a wide range of products obtaining a high quality that enhances our Sicilian territory.